Case 1- Agroecology and sustainable farming systems

Case 1- Agroecology and sustainable farming systems2018-09-07T15:15:08+00:00

Case 1.

Agroecology and sustainable farming systems MSc students searching for solutions for sustainable farming in collaboration with farmers. 

Where: Norway   

Main stakeholders involved: MSc students in Agroecology, farmers and researchers

Multi-actor approach in case: Farmers and students solving real sustainability issues on farms.

Expected outcome: In this case, the involved stakeholder groups will foster the knowledge related to a systemic and a holistic view on agrifood and forestry systems as well as train the skills needed for a collaborative and action-oriented approach to solving complex problems. Both technical green skills, as well as soft change agent skills, will be identified and formalized and serve as an input to other WPs. Connected to this case is a platform for organic farming that manages an extensive network of farmers. This platform will be used for testing the research evaluation framework created in WP5 and to a wide dissemination of the project results in the Czech Republic.