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Metropolitan University College

The faculty of Health and Technology, dep. of Nutrition and Health (ESU) at MUC focus on the human environment as a place for work, health, well-being and economic activities. The faculty conducts applied research and development activities in welfare-sector subjects such as health, rehabilitation, welfare technology, management, education and social work. Metropolitan University College is committed to improving access to and transparency of education and training systems in Europe, in particular in promoting coherence between educations and training and by improving flexible learning pathways between the different systems. Food systems are of particular importance.

There exist strategic collaborations between the Food Studies master program which is currently offered at AAU. This proposal is developed in close cooperation with the Food Studies group at AAU, as there is a shared professorship between the bachelor education in Food Management at MUC and the Food Studies master at AAU.

Tasks in NextFood

WP1 Inventory of the skills needed for a transition to more sustainable agriculture, forestry and associated bio-value chains – Leader

WP5 Quality assured knowledge transfer

WP7 Management

Country: Denmark


Dr Niels Heine Kristensen

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