Case 10.

Educating the next generation of professionals in the agrifood system.

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Case Leader: Reham Fathy Aly email

Case Location: SEKEM Development Foundation Homepage

Where: Egypt   

Main stakeholders involved: Farmers and young entrepreneurs in agrifood business,

Multi-actor approach in case: Involving agro-food industry, public authorities, chambers of commerce, business angels, in order to get these stakeholders engaged together with young entrepreneurs and foster co-ownership for sustainability.

Expected outcome: This case develops and conducts a pilot course for 1) 40 students at the SEKEM agriculture vocation training centre to be trained in sustainable agriculture practices. 2) 20 young entrepreneurs at the SEKEM Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship to be trained on how to build their successful business and start-ups. The skills needed for the two pre-mentioned groups are identified based on demands identified by stakeholders. With help of action research, the training methods will be evaluated and advanced during the project. The case will serve as input to WP3 and help in improving the education and training systems (curricula development, education tools, etc.). Throughout NextFOOD, the case will assist incubated start-ups teams to be more professional and to survive. The development of an Agro-Food knowledge sharing platform (WP6) will help fresh Agro-food start-ups to access finance, knowledge, and networks.

Action Learning Activities

“Biodynamic course”

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