Case 5.

Action learning Agriscapes: Enhanced extension service to young farmers based on principles and practices of the Action Learning method.

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Case Leader: Filippos Papadopoulos  email

Case Location: American Farm School Homepage

Where: Greece   

Main stakeholders involved: two networks of farmers, extension specialists, MSc students

Multi-actor approach in case: four different networks of farmers working together with extension specialists and students trained in action learning.

Expected outcome: The case is designed to facilitate the short and the longterm survival and prosperity of young farmers by familiarizing them with sustainable and competitive farming techniques and practices. The services offered are based on the model of the US university extension system. In order to engage farmers in co-creation of knowledge, we will apply the NextFOOD action learning model to these extension services. The success of this intervention will be measured by assessing the skills of farmers and advisers during the case development as well as the farmers’ adoption of new techniques and practices. University students will participate in the consultancy/training activities and the ATEITH faculty will evaluate their performance and propose syllabus modifications in three undergraduate courses in the direction of action-learning. The case will provide factual evidence underpinning the development of relevant curricula and training methods. Through the creation of a community of practice, the case will contribute with structure and content to a European platform of knowledge sharing.

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