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ATEITh is a governmental higher educational institute of technology located in Northern Greece (Thessaloniki). It is a multidisciplinary institute with four different disciplines faculties which consist of 17 departments. The institute employs 240 permanent positions of academic staff, 190 administrative and technical positions and 19,000 students. The ATEITh has a dedicated school on Agriculture Technology, Food Technology and Nutrition offering high quality studies in the respective fields, producing highly qualified scientists with strong practical experience, with the departments of Food Technology and Animal Production are involved in the NextFOOD project.

The curriculum of the undergraduate program offered by the Department of Food Technology covers the applications of food science and technology in food processing and, more specifically, in the production, distribution, pre-processing, inspection, control, legislation and use of food products by making use of principles stemming from biological, physical, chemical, financial and information sciences. The Department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate curricula. Since 2009, it runs the Master’s level program entitled “Quality assurance and operation management systems in the food industry” which has been successfully attended by food technologists, chemists, agriculturalists, chemical engineers, veterinarians and graduates from other food-related fields.

The studies curriculum of the division of Animal Production is covering the knowledge area of Animal Science and of relevant sciences, specifically in the applications of modern technological methods in husbandry, nutrition, breeding, reproduction, health and welfare and companion animals. Furthermore, includes the methods of production, processing and standardizations of animal products and animal feeds.

Tasks in NextFood

WP2 Action research facilitation

WP7 Management

Country: Greece


Dr. Aristotelis Lymberopoulos is an Associate Professor of Animal Reproduction

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