Case 2.

Students and farmers taking food innovations from idea to market: A practice-oriented course in food innovation including all the steps necessary to bring a new product to the market.

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Case Leader: Timar Adrian email

Case Location: University of Oradea Homepage

Where: Romania   

Main stakeholders involved: farmers, high school students, university students, food business representatives, researchers

Multi-actor approach in case: Practical workshops for stakeholders working together in teams to bring food innovations from idea to market

Expected outcome: The course will serve as a platform for strengthening the links between research, high school education, university education, farmers and other companies or institutions related to foodstuff. The course has been running for two years but the participatory elements in the learning methods are still in an early phase. Guided by the action research cycle developed in NextFOOD, the case will be improved in a cyclical way so that this concept can serve as a raw model for others in search of participatory learning methods. The course gives the involved partners the technical skills to innovate and take new food products to market as well as the soft skills needed for working together in co-creation and even co-evolution.

Action Learning Activities

“Taking healthy sweets to the next level in the Romanian Case”

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Action Learning Activities

“IDEA to Taste in the Romanian Case”

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