WP6 Communication, dissemination and exploitation

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Communication, dissemination and exploitation

Lead Partner: American Farm School

The NextFOOD project views dissemination, exploitation and outreach (DEO) activities as processes that transcend the community and actors within the project’s fields. The NextFOOD’s overall strategy intents to communicate the actions and disseminate the results of the project to a multitude of audiences and engage in a two-way exchange with the interested parties. Towards this end, the consortium is committed to a strategy that takes into account strengths and weakness that could enhance or hinder the efforts to develop the outreach. The project partners, have identified relevant target audiences and stakeholders, as well as appropriate channels to reach them.

Task 6.1 Development of the dissemination, exploitation and outreach plan

Task 6.2 Public dialogue

Task 6.3: Events

D6.1 Dissemination, exploitation and outreach plan

D6.2 Data management plan

D6.3 Webpage online

D6.4 Information material for scientists and public no.1

D6.5 Information material for scientists and public no. 2

D6.6 Report on the dissemination and training activities no. 1

D6.7 Practice abstracts part 1

D6.8 Practice abstracts part 2

D6.9 Practice abstracts final part

D6.10 Minimum of two publications in international peer reviewed journals

D6.11 NextFOOD Monograph

D6.12 Report on the dissemination and training activities no. 2