Case 4.

Supply chain innovation competition: Teams of MSc students competing in finding innovative solutions to hot issues in agrifood business.

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Case Leader: Katherine Flynn email | Line Friis Lindner email

Case Location: ISEKI-Food Association Homepage

Where: Austria   

Main stakeholders involved: MSc students, food processors, farmers

Multi-actor approach in case: Multisector and interdisciplinary teams. Teams are evaluated by a board of experts (university, industry, farmers).

Expected outcome: In this innovative and engaging approach to education, team members will improve specific knowledge and competencies from solving real practice-oriented challenges. They will gain new knowledge on industry/food sector aspects as well as soft/transversal skills needed for effective teamwork in an international and competitive environment. The learning outcomes will serve as an input to the skills inventory (WP1) and to guidelines on policy recommendations for the agrifood knowledge and innovation system (WP5). The results from the action learning will serve as a guide the further development of this concept. By the innovative work performed in the teams’ gaps of knowledge in areas crucial to the agrifood sector will be identified.

Action Learning Activities

“Cycle 3: Valorizing Food Biodiversity”

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