Work Packages

The overall aim of NEXTFOOD

is an Innovative European science and education roadmap for sustainable agriculture along the value chain from research via fabrication into application. To reach the aim of NEXTFOOD, six objectives need to be met reflected in its six scientific corresponding work packages. Each WP includes a specific part of the design, construction, utilization, exploitation and dissemination of the platform and the knowledge created in the project:

  • A shared inventory of skills
  • Facilitation of Action research in Case Studies to identify gaps and needs
  • Test new relevant curricula and training methods,
  • Policy instruments that support the transition towards action-, and practice-oriented learning methods,
  • Peer-review tools for evaluating the quality of the practice-oriented research,
  • A platform for knowledge sharing with a wide impact on training and education. Management, ELSI and communication are continuous activities in the project that support the optimal efficiency of the workflow, exploitation and dissemination.