Quality assured knowledge transfer

Lead Partner: University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice

Current quality evaluation systems for education and researchers are based on the application of absolvents in the case of education, and academic merits such as the number of scientific publications in the case of researchers. This performance measurement method provides little incentive for interactive innovation and practice-oriented research and education. The evaluation of applied research outputs for practice should be focused rather on their economic and social usefulness than on their scientific character and also education can be evaluated on a base of a wider criteria scale.

The overall aim of this work package is to develop an Assessment Framework for defining and evaluating the quality of interactive innovation and practice-oriented education and research in the agrifood and forestry sector, and its positioning for use and impact. Expert peer-review will play an important role when applying the framework. Therefore, the development of this framework will be performed together with academics, funders of research and researchers engaged in evaluating research and education quality. This framework will advance global research evaluation practice and bring a degree of standardization and transparency to the assessment of innovation and practice-oriented research quality.

Task 5.1. Review of existing standards and criteria.

Task 5.2. Develop a framework for evaluating practice-oriented research outputs

Task 5.3. Testing and evaluating the framework for monitoring, reporting and evaluation of education and research quality

D5.1 Overview of the best practices

D5.2 Framework proposal

D5.3 Pilot test 1 of framework

D5.4 Pilot test 2 of framework

D5.5 Launch of ready to use peer review system