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Mekelle University is a public university that offers teaching, research and consultancy services to achieve sustainable development in agriculture in collaboration with farming communities, governmental and non-governmental research and development organisations including local to international levels. Agriculture in Ethiopia supports about 80% of the 92 million human population that needs well-trained personnel in the sector.

Mekelle University’s strong commitment to research and development in smallholder farming communities on issues of environmental conservation, agroecosystem sustainability, food and nutrition security (FNS) and improved livelihood is highly relevant to the proposed project.

Mekelle University’s objective is to contribute to the betterment of a society that has a strong need for improved FNS and to contribute with knowledge relevant beyond national boundaries about agroecological principles and challenging transformation processes. MU is redesigning its research and teaching strategy to meet the needs of smallholder farming communities through the second national Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP 2) whereby this project can fill relevant knowledge gaps in agricultural education.

The mission of the College of Dryland Agriculture and Natural Resources at Mekelle University (CDANR) is to be a proactive leader in education, research and community services in the support of healthy and sustainable systems in Ethiopia dryland agriculture, environment and natural resources. CDANR aims to provide relevant academic programs, research and outreach services that are responsive to public needs in the drylands and beyond. The College is the pioneering institution in the country, which caters the training of high-level professionals in the field of dryland agriculture. The College thus strives to achieve sustainable livelihood in the drylands of the country through knowledge and skill promotion and triggering positive change attitudes.

Tasks in NextFood

WP2 Action research facilitation

WP6 Communication, dissemination and exploitation

WP7 Management

Country: Ethiopia


Dr. Zenebe Abraha

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