Case 11.

Community of Practice (CoP) for Sustainable innovation in the agrifood systems. 

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Case Leader: Virginia Belsanti email

Case Location: Agronomic Studies Homepage

Where: Italy  

Main stakeholders involved: MSc students in Agroecology, farmers and researchers

Multi-actor approach in case: Farmers and students solving real sustainability issues on farms.

Expected outcome: In the framework of the NEXTFOOD project CIHEAM will propose the following case study based on the existing didactic offer:

In CIHEAM Bari 3 master courses (lasting 2 years) are starting in October focusing respectively on Organic Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Resource Management, Integrated Pest Management. The training paths include multiple study modules and, at the end of 1st year, they envisage the production of a short essay (project) receiving an evaluation and contributing to each student’s credit accumulation.

In line with the NEXTFOOD research questions and overall objective we will propose a didactic activity guided by the principles of learner-centric, participatory, action-based and action-oriented education and learning in agrifood systems.

This will lead to a multidisciplinary and multisectoral approach to the assignment based on a mix of participatory exchange, knowledge co-creation processes and action-based learning.

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