Case 3.

Learning from Farmers Training Centres (FTCs): Multi-stakeholder action learning platform

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Case Leader: Mohammed Tilahun email

Case Location: Mekelle University Homepage

Where: Ethiopia  

Main stakeholders involved: high school students, university students, food business representatives, researchers

Multi-actor approach in case: The established infrastructure o Farmers Training Centres (FTCs) will be used, and Action Research methods will be applied to the agrifood system.

Expected outcome: Through facilitating FTCs to be more action research-based, competencies needed for agricultural education institutions will be identified and the curricula for agricultural education will be evaluated. As an outcome, the FTCs will be better utilized when stakeholders develop skills of action research that will help to sustainably innovate, document new knowledge, analyse policy, training and education approaches in the agrifood system. As a part of the NextFOOD research cycle, reflection platforms will be organized to bring together farmers, researchers, development workers, the government and students, for a mutual sharing of knowledge that will help to design new training and education approaches at educational institutions.

Action Learning Activities

“The Transect Walk”

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