Between 18 and 22 December, three virtual Focus Group meetings were organised in the spirit of co-creation and participation. These events were also the occasion of NextFOOD to join effort with two other European projects, MED Food TTHubs and #InoFA as well as a pool of recognised experts engaged in the agro-food and traceability sectors.
Each of the three initiatives was interested to exchange views in the context of the development of innovative solutions in the field of agro-food supply chain. Hence, the decision to join forces and share common views with our stakeholders.
The Greek Focus Group reflects a balanced blend of different organisation types, stakeholders and expertise, providing a good representativeness of Greek food supply-chain.
More specifically, it has been constituted by external stakeholders and auditors in representation of farmers, agro-food producers (e.g. fruits, meat or fish producers), standard organisation, technology providers, local authorities and institutions.

The events have been co-organised and co-leaded by , American Farm SchooliBO / CERTH , and Green Projects.

During this event, the participants had the opportunity to learn more about these three innovative European programs.