Multiplayer meeting – Synergy of NEFERTITI and NEXTFOOD project

The aim of the meeting was the explore the opportunities for cooperation among the two Horizon projects in terms of exchange of good practices, promotion of deliverables and interaction in the scientific implementation of their work.

NEFERTITI is a unique project that establishes 10 interactive thematic networks and bring together 45 regional clusters (hubs) of demo-farmers and the involved actors (advisors, NGOs, industry, education, researchers and policy makers) in 17 countries.

NEFERTITI focuses on creating added value from the exchange of knowledge, actors, farmers and technical content over the networks in order to boost innovation uptake, to improve peer to peer learning and network connectivity between farms actors across Europe, thus contributing to a more competitive, sustainable and climate-smart agriculture.

The synergy with NEFERTITI is expected to affect networking possibilities among the members of both projects. We consider that fruitful cooperation can be set with this project and specific activities can be presented. Especially, to be involved in the steps of policy dialogue with EU Regions to match farmers and policy makers’ interests in view of the networks sustainability.