The aim of the meeting was the explore the opportunities for cooperation among the two Horizon projects in terms of exchange of good practices, promotion of deliverables and interaction in the scientific implementation of their work.

RUBIZMO is interested to coach entrepreneurs from rural area and willing to promote this activity though NEXT FOOD project and specifically the case studies and the work deliverables like SEKEM Development Foundation (Case study 10), University of Oradea (Case study 2) and Welthungerhilfe (Case study 9).

RUBIZMO is a European initiative working to foster sustainable growth and job creation in rural areas by discovering the vital ingredients for developing entrepreneurship and successful business models in high potential sectors such as food and agriculture, new bio-based value chains and services. It identify business models with high potential for empowering rural communities to take advantage of the opportunities arising from improved value chain optimization. RUBIZMO have created the following results:

  • Virtual Library of business cases and practices (Business Tool 1)

  • Guidelines for support the business environment (Business Tool 2)

  • Supply tool for improving collaboration (Business Tool 3)

  • Online transformation tool (Business Tool 4)

  • Online educational materials (Master class modules)

NEXTFOOD projects aims to generate an innovative European science and education road map for sustainable agriculture and forestry along the value chain from research via production into application. NEXTFOOD deliverables includes the following:

  • Creation of an inventory of the skills and competencies needed for a transition to more sustainable agriculture, forestry and associated bio-value chains

  • Development of 12 case studies for the identification of gaps and needs

  • Tests on new relevant curricula and training methods

  • Identification of policy instruments that support the transition towards action-, and practice-oriented learning methods

  • Conduction of Peer-review tools for evaluating quality of the practice-oriented research

  • Creation of a platform for knowledge sharing