The Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, the American Farm School and the Agronutritional Cooperation of the Region of Central Macedonia co-organized a workshop in the framework of NextFood project. The workshop was held in the facilities of Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, at March 19, 2019.
NextFood project was presented at the participants, as the Next Tool for the development of an efficient education system, equipped with new training methods for the transition to more sustainable agrifood and forestry systems.
The main aim of the co-organizers, with the participation of the students of the Animal Production Department, the Plant Production Department and the Food Technology Department, was the identification of gaps in curricula and the co-creation of new training practices.
Special attention was given in the digital soft skills that the next generation of professionals requires. The interaction with the undergraduate students led to the assumptions that action-oriented and participatory learning are crucial for the design of new educational systems that will overcome the sustainability challenges of the 21st century.