ACRCM organized the 1st Research Meeting, for the enhancement of food products with specifications for the usage of protected designation of origin/PDO or protected geographical indication/PGI or traditional specialty guaranteed/TSG indications.

The President of ACRCM Konstantinos Kiltidis, the Vice-Governors and the Presidents of the Chambers of Commerce of the Region Central Macedonia, identified the food products and focused on the procedures for the registration applications.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, shared their expertise in relation to the project “FoodOmicsGR National Research Infrastructure Comprehensive Characterization of Foods” which aims to characterize food products as PDO, PGI and TSG and support R&D in the AgroFood Sector.

In accordance with the objectives of NextFOOD project “Educating the Next Generation of Professionals in the AgroFood sector”, the farmers should be encouraged to switch to forms of integrated rural development through the diversification of rural production.

Furthermore, the producers will promote easily their products with special characteristics and the consumers will buy quality products with guarantees for the production, processing and geographic origin.

ACRCM_Event Report_Enhancement of PDO, PGI, TSG Food Products