A new innovative technology was demonstrated in vineyards of N. Greece last week. The methodology applied is called photonics and it can be described as non-destructive diagnostic method that can be used in order to estimate the levels of several substances of grapes in the field. The measurements are geotagged and a farmer has the chance to acquire a good knowledge of the maturity status of his/her produce within minutes. This can be very helpful in terms of programming the harvest and negotiating the sale of the produce.
Drs Giovanni Agati and Lorenza Tuccio of the Institute of Applied Physics from Florence have been training agronomists in the use of the equipment, post processing and interpretation of the results.
The production of high quality products can be the result of merging agricultural experience, scientific knowledge and incorporation of high technology in everyday farming routine. Digital skills to be acquired by students of agronomy faculties and early professionals are critical for the future of successful farming consultancy.