A very interesting discussion panel was organized at the Innovation HUB of Thessaloniki International Fair premises. This exhibition is the biggest and most important in Greece and has a track record of almost a century. The panel presented the table grapes case study. Participants were selected in order to represent the triple helix according to European Commission Smart Specialisation – S3 approach. This approach mainly focuses on bringing together all interested parties and has them discuss and co-decide upon all important issues especially those of Strategic Planning. The composition of the panel was the following:


Region of Central Macedonia was represented by the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support, Mrs Kostas Michailides,

Research Institutions and Universities

American Farm School acting an innovation facilitator was represented by Dr Ilias Kalfas
University of Western Attica was represented by Assistant Professor Dr Nick Tsotsolas
Center for Research and Technology Hellas – Institute for Bio-economy and Agri-technology was represented by Dr George Banias
Alexander Technological and Educational Institution of Thessaloniki was represented by Professor Emmanuel Navrozidis


TractorGPS, a well-established company that brings cutting edge technology from multinational corporations to Greek farming was represented by Mr. Aristodimos Zamidis
Future Intelligence Ltd., a scale up Greek company that develops and implements high tech systems for modern agriculture was represented by Mr Harry Moysiadis


George Papadopoulos is a well-established farmer in the area of Kilkis cultivating table grapes.
George Papanastasiou is a young agronomist with a viticulture family background who continues the cultivation of table grapes.

The Managing Director of Rutgers University in Greece Mrs Effie Lazaridou was acting as coordinator of the discussion

In the meeting it was made clear that future agronomists should have a robust set of digital skills in order to be in position to actively support contemporary farming implemented techniques. University Professors agreed that update and modernization of the syllabus are absolutely necessary.