At University of Kerala they have had a Certificate Course on Agroecology; Action Research and Education in cooperation with Norwegian University of Life Sciences in 2017 and 2018. On March 28, 2019 a workshop was organised to reflect on the two first years of experience with the course and plan for this year’s course, and a shift even more in alignment with the Nextfood Approach for both students and teachers. Participants in the workshop were Geir Lieblein and Anna Marie Nicolaysen (NMBU), Martin Melin (SLU), Manju S. Nair, Megha Radhakrishnan, Anupama Augustine (University of Kerala), Roberse Thomas (St. Thomas College) and students from the previous courses: from 2017; Aditya V. K., Anjana B. K., Anupama Augustine, and from 2018; Raj Kumar R., Rajesh B., Swathy Vasudev, Tanita Eloo Philip, and Vijayasree R. M.