One of the aims of Nextfood is to identify institutional factors that that can hinder or contribute to generating effective faculty collaboration for transdisciplinary and action-oriented education. Institutional factors are connected to central values and attitudes of how higher education should function, and how these values are maintained. As part of the research process we are conducting focus group interviews with academic leaders and faculty members at partner institutions.
On March 28, 2019, Nextfood Coordinator Martin Melin (SLU) conducted a focus group interview with the Director of Internal Quality Assurance Cell, University of Kerala, Gabriel Simon Thattil and Former Registrar, University of Kerala, Jayaprakas, M., as well as the Kerala case leader Manju S. Nair, Kerala case teachers Megha Radhakrishnan and Anupama Augustine, all University of Kerala, and NMBU Nextfood team members Geir Lieblein and Anna Marie Nicolaysen (photographer on this occasion).