The multi-conference 30th Money Show was organized once again in Thessaloniki, from the Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Thessaloniki with the sponsorship of Agronutritional Cooperation of the Region Central Macedonia | ACRCM , with a focus on promoting innovation, new sectors and new markets, at a central hotel in the city from April 12 to 14, 2019.

The sectors that the convention highlighted were the following: tourism and culture, agriculture and agrifoods, technologies, energy and the environment, infrastructure, financing tools for businesses, and Thessaloniki’s future growth options as a metropolitan area.

The ACRCM, scheduled an event on ” European Agriculture, The Next Day “, where the President of ACRCM Konstantinos Kiltidis pointed out the need for new policies to be designed for the development of agriculture, livestock , forestry and fishery and presented the European project Nextfood, which investigates the policies that must be exercised on ” Educating the next professionals in the agrifood sector “.

Nextfood project aims to deliver policy recommendations that will impact the future education and training systems, for the maintenance of the existing and the creation of new job positions, throughout the agrifood and forestry production chain. Towards this direction the participants raised their concern over the adaptation of the regional and national policies that will foster the adoption of sustainable agriculture practices.