University of Oradea

The mission of the University of Oradea is to provide education and research to a high standard of quality in a national and international context of social, professional and, last but not least, intellectual development of the individual, and at the same time to contribute to social and cultural development of Oradea. These missions are shaped by objectives such as attracting students from all over the world, positioning the university among the best educational institutions in the country and in Europe and conveying a wider community to the significance and importance of academic education and scientific research in general and the one conducted within this university, in particular. The University of Oradea has materialized international relations with 352 institutions from 39 countries.
Academic education is provided to the students at the highest level within the 15 faculties through a wide range of bachelor, master, doctorate and post-graduate programs. At every faculty the instructive and educational activity is enriched by scientific research. Along with professional performance and moral behavior, scientific research becomes the priority criteria for academic evaluation of academic staff.
At present, the University of Oradea is an accredited public academic institution with the qualification awarded by ARACIS: HIGH DEGREE OF CONFIDENCE.
The didactic and research activity of the University of Oradea is carried out in a proper Academic environment corresponding to the study programs and the number of students. Continuously expanding and modernizing, the heritage provides high standards for carrying out the quality education process in line with ARACIS requirements. The University of Oradea has 15 faculties with 49 departments and 27 research centers certified institutionally. Number of study programs: 112 (7 – ID, 1 – FR), 83 masters, 12 PhD. Very important, the university has the University Publishing House of Oradea and two printing houses of its own.
Within the University of Oradea there is the Department of Teaching Staff Training (DPPD) which provides the teaching training for students and ensures the improvement of the education level of the teachers completed by teachers’ degrees in a wide range of specialties.
At the same time, the attention is focused also on the continuous development of the distance learning and for this purpose there is the Department for Distance Learning and Low Frequency Education (DIDIFR). The Department of Continuing Education has also been set up at the university (D.E.P) whose fundamental objective is the development of competences and completing of the knowledge acquired in a form of initial training (bachelor, master, PhD). Training activities in the sphere of continuous vocational training include: conversion/retraining; Training courses; Postgraduate specialization courses; Postgraduate training courses; Workshops.
University of Oradea
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